About Me

Liffey Joy is a media artist who lives in Cape Town. She studied at the Michaelis School of Fine Art and graduated in 2011.

She creates mainly monochromatic abstract works that incorporate natural tones and metallics.

Her focus is on experimentation and materiality and her process revolves strongly around play and exploration. Her aim is to create interesting textures by mixing various materials such as ink, acrylic, wine, potassium permanganate and epsom salts. This combination of mediums creates an alchemical effect resulting in fluid, organic marks and textures that, whilst being controlled, still feel natural. Her work is aestheticised and planned chaos with a strong reliance on both the unexpected and science.

Her interest in nature and mark making meet in her abstract pieces. The natural processes that happen when the materials she uses combine reflects this in the ideas of growth and decay which appear both in the materials used as well as subject matter.